underwear tiger

halloween 2012

I know Halloween seems like it happened a long time ago, but it's taken me the entire month to recover from the gross injustice I suffered that night.

So I got all dressed up for trick-or-treating. And my costumes were pretty awesome, right?

I was an Angry Bird, Metawear Tiger, a Mummy, a Shaman, Underwear Tiger of Halloween Past, and Captain Underpants Underwear Tiger.

TRICK OR TREAT! Underwear Tiger is all dressed up for Halloween!

I went skipping down the street, super excited for my very first trick-or-treating adventure. Who could ever resist such an adorable bunch?

The answer is: more people than you know. I emptied my pillowcases to find 16 measly chocolate chips.

loot bag

16 isn't even divisible by the 6 of us.

Never again.

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