underwear tiger

fan art and sightings

Over the years, I have received some wonderful photos of Underwear Tiger fan art and sightings. Thank you, everybody! Please hover your mouse over an image to read more about it.

Underwear Tiger tea stain by Dara Gold  Underwear Tiger birthday card by Jessica Chong  

Underwear Tiger Fan Art by one of Codie's Students in Lincang  Underwear Tiger Fan Art by one of Codie's Students in Lincang

Underwear Tiger Cosplay by Jessica  Underwear Tiger on Halloween by Jessica and Evan

Underwear Tiger fanart from one of Chris Clayman's students in Lincang  Underwear Tiger sticker modelled by Evan

Underwear Tiger sticker sighting by Heather  Underwear Tiger fanart from a student in Lincang


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