underwear tiger

the adventure machine

help fuel the adventure machine!


Help fuel the Adventure Machine™!

Step 1: Submit any two-word combination on the Underwear Tiger Facebook page or tweet it @underweartiger #adventuremachine. It can be as boring or as random as you want! 

For example: 
boring combo = "tax return" 
random combo = "garbage monkey" 

tax returns and garbage monkey go through the adventure machine

Step 2: Underwear Tiger will put your two-word combo through the Adventure Machine™. 

underwear tiger turns the crank on the adventure machine


Step 3: (This step is top secret and as such cannot be described.) 

Step 4: Check back soon to see if your two-word combo successfully launched Underwear Tiger into an adventure! To get things started, here's an example using "tax return" and "garbage monkey!"


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