underwear tiger


underwear tiger

Underwear Tiger hatched from an egg that was last seen floating in a river of nuclear waste. With nobody to hold his hand and walk him through Real Life, he roams the universe wondering about his origins, his destiny, and what he'll have for lunch today.

the creator

My name is Justina. I really like making stuff!!!!! I like rhyming couplets and knitting and making stuff out of garbage. I kind of hate crocheting but I like holding up an amigurumi when I've finally completed it. Underwear Tiger has given me many opportunities to dabble in media I never otherwise would have explored (i.e. crocheting, comics, polymer clay, jewellery, paint on rocks), so for that, Underwear Tiger owes me monies for arts and craft supplies. At my day job, I write content for children on broadcast and digital platforms.


underweartiger.com was designed by my genius twin, Jessica. She is SO smart and interesting (and cute), I don't know how we're twins. My little sister Jennifer is also really smart and amazing, but she keeps her web presence pretty minimal.